SeeFood Metal Art

SeeFood Metal Art

My name is John Dunlop Jr., and I am creating this gallery to help my father sell his art. I want to help him sell his art so that he could one day possibly be a full time artist and no longer have to work as an auto frame and structural repair technician, which I can see has been taking a tole on his body. He has really impressed me with his one of a kind art and it is motivating to see his passion for art. He would often come home after working a 9 to 5 and would head straight to his metal shop and get right back to work with his art. For him it wasn't work though, it was fun. He just loved to play and make new pieces with his metal and welding skills. He never made any of his art with the intention to sell it.

Here is a little about my father the artist....

John R. Dunlop
Born in 1960, John was raised in Brentwood Long Island. From early in his life he was always interested in art. At the age of 3 he took his mothers knitting needles and put them into an electrical outlet, but through God's good grace he had crossed them and the electricity only melted the two pieces of metal together. Little did he know this would be his first metal sculpture.

While attending Brentwood High his art teachers were impressed with his creative construction of art structures. After graduating in 1978, he took his love for art and construction skills to the auto body repair industry. He became a well-respected auto frame and structural repair technician. He now makes his home in Massapequa NY with his loving wife and two sons.

He expresses his love for art through his many drawings and still continues to attend drawing classes to cultivate his talent. In 2007 his work and his art collided. His creative mind is always thinking about what to do next. He realized that he could use his welding skills and his passion for art to take a cold piece of steel and convert it into a warm piece of art, and creat a feast for the eyes.

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