infinite creations Scott Kinney

infinite creations Scott Kinney

Scott Kinney lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and specializes in imperialism, modern, and emotional abstract paintings.
If you are interested in any works of art, please contact Scott directly at

Holidays downtown on 27th dr and 1st

26, 1000 broken stix

25th and Oak

Alive in heaven, at twenty seven

28 days of rehab

24 north ave

Heavenly drinking at 23


21st century

20th enclosure

Hey 19

18 and it becomes war

Parker 17

16 years

15 times

The covid

Lucky 13

Zen at 10


11 through heaven

Nine lives

8 is great

Today, Tommorow. Lets live, let go

On the road, with a heat of stone


Therapy- passion. Hmm AAA?

The weather


Live, love