Scott's carvings

My name is Scott Hall. I live in Farmington, a small college town in western Maine. I am an outdoor enthusiast who usually gains his inspiration from experiences, animals and elements from the earth. Most of the wood I use is harvested from our family land in Maine or pieces I have acquired from friends. I love to search the woodlands for unique trees, harvest them, and then each piece is carved from inspiration I see before I begin carving. Usually the wood or antler dictates what it will become. I just carve away the excess until it appears. Each carving is hand made and truly one of a kind, just like the tree or antler it came from. With my love of nature I prefer to keep the wood natural or stained, never painted so one can see the grain is which is always as beautiful to me as the carving itself. Sometimes I have also carved pieces of antler from deer and caribou as these are also natural unique items that I have personally acquired. When I am inspired I tend to loose my self in my shop and cannot stop carving until my fiancé turns off the lights (as I am unable to sleep in the shop). I hope than anyone who purchases one of my pieces appreciates the nature from which it came and the heart I put into the piece. My email is