Scott Dewis

Scott Dewis

I'm an artist and entrepreneur from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Currently founder and chief visionary of RaceRocks 3D.

I paint things that make an impression on me and that I have fond memories of; people, places, and things that are important to me. My experience working in film and television has given me a good eye for composition, lighting, colour, and energy. I usually start with a photo, looking for colour, contrast, good composition, and dynamic lighting.

I’m a self taught painter, inspired as a kid by the Group of Seven, Robert Bateman, and Bob Ross. While studying engineering I dabbled in 3D animation, and decided to go to film school. I was employed by a video game company right out of school and was working on Hollywood TV shows within a year. I won an Emmy for ABC's Lost and was nominated for three others during eight years in the industry, paving the way for my current company RaceRocks 3D, which builds VR and game-based training systems for aerospace. Although very rewarding and creative in its own rite, It doesn’t really offer me a hands on artistic outlet, so this year after a 20-year break, I started painting again.

You can order print and framing to order online and contact me for commissions.