Scenic Treasures, Alan Lucio Photography

Scenic Treasures, Alan Lucio Photography

Alan Lucio is a freelance photographer currently living in Snowflake, Arizona. An Arizona native, Alan was born in the small southeast town of Safford in October of 1965 and moved four days later to Morenci where he was raised and attended school. As a young boy Alan spent much of his summers with his grandfather on his ranch outside of Duncan where he would spend hours looking through the boxes of old Arizona Highways magazines and the old, true west, wild west and old west magazines. He was fascinated reading about the history of the old west including such characters as Cochise, Geronimo, his favorite, Wild Bill , Billy the Kid and his other favorite Doc Holiday.

Alan purchased his first SLR camera at age 16 and made this choice over a class ring. He developed his love of photography at this young age and has been snapping pictures ever since. Alan’s favorite artists are Salvador Dali, Ansel Adams and Jay Maisel, and can‘t forget Picasso! He loves black and white, bold colors and even the odd and abstract. Some of Alan’s favorite quotes from Ansel Adams are “Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter”, and “There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer”. These words inspire Alan to click the shutter and to imagine himself as the viewer.

Alan developed his love of nature and it’s beauty by exploring the White Mountains, Eagle Creek, both upper and lower, the San Francisco and Gila rivers, the Black river and all the mountains around Duncan, and Safford. Some of Alan’s favorite places to escape are still the west fork of the Black River, Alpine and Tonto Creek.

Alan left Morenci in 1983 and moved to Tucson where he became an avid University of Arizona Wildcats fan. Again he spent all his free time exploring his beautiful surroundings in the local mountain ranges including the Dragoons, the Whetstones, the Chiricahuas, Sonoita and Madera Canyon.

Alan primarily enjoys landscape and nature photography but also enjoys photographing sporting events. Alan has had his work published in the Arizona Highways magazine, as well as other smaller publications.

Alan is the proud father of eight children ranging in age from his oldest daughter, 27, down to his youngest son who is 12. And is also the proud grandfather of an 8 year old grandson.

Someone once asked Alan this-”What do you look for in a photo? What makes you take the shot?”
His answer was this “I don’t look, it finds me. There is beauty everywhere I look. I can’t go a day without seeing something that looks like a great shot. What I choose to share are the things that remind me of how blessed I am. I share them in the hopes that others will feel the same way.”

May you someday be blessed and moved by Alan’s photography…


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