Scatts' Fine Art

Scatts' Fine Art

Five pieces of key info you need to know about me: 1. I have already died once; 2. I am a compulsive pepsi zero drinker; 3. I only paint during nights; 4. my painting process occurs under poor light, which basically allows me to be introduced to my art only by the next morning; 5. as far as I know, I am the only one - like a lazy butterfly -, who dared to morph from executive into artist, mixing painting with poetry.

As a personal background , I grew up in a Brazilian home that was richer in terms of personality variants than in terms of capital resources. My dad was the reason, my mom, the emotion.

Back when I was 17, I had a condition that left me with one fourth of a normal vision. After a surgery and some hospital time, I got back to life. This fact pushed me to become a healthcare professional. Since this event, death and life have been my earnest teachers, and vivid colors, my classmates.
Due to my graduation and professional choices, the so called "ladder to success" was linked directly to the ability of behaving in accordance to either the foundations of politics or to the cartesian thinking. It had to take reasoning seriously.

The direct consequence of this option was the override of my individual uniqueness, to the detriment of satisfying others and delivering expected results.

By the time I reached 40 years-old, I realized I was not even able to draw an ear. How could a regular human being could live with it? Thus, started self-paced online art courses in order to learn how to draw on graphite and paint with acrylics. This was the first time I truly experimented art.

With this simple but fruitful step, it was possible to rescue what makes me human, sweet and alive: imagination realized upon creation. Since then, two years ago, I have been taking advantage of my insomnia, and my dawns, to draw and paint.

Create an artwork it is like giving birth to a brand new universe, with specific features: the artist will never reveal all the insights and feelings that led him/her to each brush stroke, whereas the viewer will never grant feedback to the artist regarding the viewer's own derivations, drifts, brought to light from the artwork appraisal.

If on one hand it is a double-blind experience, on the other one, it is a binding and enriching process. This allows souls to nurture a closer connection, to evoke criticism, to provoke, and lastly, to flourish perspectives around nearly everything that surrounds us.

I believe nobody goes "unpunished" upon interacting with an artwork.

Unlike other sectors of humanity, Art is essentially borderless andn unifying, where all sort of ideas can find harbor and be welcome.

I invite you to be an active part on my exclusive art collections and take advantage of artworks that could refer you to a denser soul state.

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