I was born in Monaco and raised in the small village of Eze on the French Riviera. After obtaining my Medical Degree in Brussels, Belgium, I studied several years in the United States towards my PhD in Science. I worked as a doctor and a scientist in Belgium, the US, and the Republic of the Congo. I was completely embedded in academia and then I had a chance encounter with Californian artist Cathe Grawin. Thus, I discovered the world of painting, and never had another thought about my CV. Cathe was able to unearth talent in the most pedestrian budding artist and to instill self-confidence in her students. I will always carry with me her favorite quote "Not every piece is a masterpiece, and thank God for the gesso". I now stroll the paths of light and color, meeting thousands of artists along the way.

You can also find some of my work at:

Le Galériste is a canadian company that makes "wearable art" (art à porter") from original artwork. This includes clothing, masks, and tote bags, as well as household and decorative items, such as place mats, table cloths, curtains, pillow covers, and wall art.


Acrylic and mixed media


Pastels, photographs, drawings