I am from a small village, Eze, wedged between Monaco and Nice, on the French Riviera. The view from my childhood house was of the mediterranean sea.
I obtained a MD in Belgium, and studied in the USA towards a PhD in Physiology. I cared for patients, taught at medical schools, had a reserach lab. I worked in Belgium, the US, and the Republic of the Congo.
I retired from academia, went to live in California. And that's where I met Cathe Grawin, an artist and teacher in Solana Beach. She inspired me to begin painting. Why not? No art background required. Freedom to apply paint and enjoy it, to bring back to life the colors of my past.  I'll always keep in mind Cathe's favorite and liberating quotes "Not every piece is a masterpiece", and "Thank God for the gesso"

Instagram handle: Sohrabysarah

You can also find some of my work at

Le Galériste is a canadian company that makes "wearable art" ("art à porter") from original artwork. This includes clothing, masks, and tote bags, as well as household and decorative items, such as place mats, table cloths, curtains, pillow covers, and wall art.


Acrylic and mixed media


Pastels, photographs, drawings

Wearable art