Ever since Sara was 5 years old, when she produced a 30-page art book about bunnies, she knew two things: her fascination with bunnies and her love for being creative.

Born in Europe, raised in two countries, Sara hails from a multicultural family of designers, architects, and real estate developers. She started creating art and paintings in elementary school where she was praised by her teachers for her art and design aesthetics. She received art and academic scholarships for the University of Texas at El Paso, where she received her BFA, majoring in graphic design and printmaking.

She won multiple design awards and art competitions during her studies and was a national honors student. In 1999 she received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Design Institute in Münster, Germany, with honors.

During the past 20 years, Sara’s professional work in different industries has constantly evolved around design and art. These jobs energized her creativity, and since she finished school, she has been a freelance artist doing commission work for interior designers, corporations, and private entities. She displayed her art in solo and group exhibitions in the USA and Germany, with the latest exhibit in 2022 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco – Banksy Art Exhibit – “Exit Through the Palace- Local Artist Exhibition.”

She worked as a creative director in the advertising and corporate world for 18 years, gaining experience in corporate design, brand strategy, effective campaign management, marketing, and startup experience with high-profile organizations. As a creative director, she also received numerous awards.

Her family upbringing contributed to her genuine passion for design aesthetics, architecture, and real estate. Over the years, her love for real estate made her an expert home designer. Acquiring and improving properties became another passion due to her appetite for creativity.

In 2018 Sara left the advertising and corporate industry to return to her core passion: Art. Today she is a professional artist, focusing on creating art and paintings for various clientele. She creates custom works of art for interior designers, event companies, galleries, and private clients. She has been painting murals and loves carrying out life art performances where she paints in front of an audience at different venues.



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