Mejia JS

Mejia JS

In Search of Hypocritus rex - Season of Light


The artist is a passionate scientist with a unique perspective on reality that let him use his creativity and speculative philosophy to uncover a hidden universe.

Topics of Interests:
• Speculative Biology/Anthropology/Geology/Cosmology.

Philosophical Perspective:
• Emergence of consciousness is the inevitable outcome of matter drifting into inertia.
• Consciousness remains in the ether until it is dragged into reality through a prebiotic process that transforms the primordial stew into an evolving ferment.
• Conscious creatures emerging from the ferment, face a daunting challenge: the recognition that they are nothing more than sublimated beings.
• Transcendence is the natural inclination of those species incapable of accepting that they are nothing more than sublimated beings.
• Any conscious species capable of reaching the pre-transcendent stage of development will fill the urge to recreate evolution and reach transcendence through creation.

Ethical Position:
• Avoid Inertia.

Creative process:
• Develop pseudorandom methods to build image incubators.
• Select among generated images those that reveal features that might fit into an ulterior intuitive motif.
• Define a temporal-thematic vector and build a coherent concretion.

In Search of Hypocritus rex