Sangkasi Art

Sangkasi Art

Type of Art: Painting with Acrylic on Corrugated Iron Sheet

Artist Name: Somsak Sumpochanont (Somsak Sangkasi) the winner award artist and the first artist who create works of art on Corrugated Iron Sheet

Narration of Painting on Corrugated Iron Sheet:
The corrugated iron sheet reflects the feeling of the natural antiquity as well as trails and tracery. Whenever it is depicted the story about art or traditional culture that truly impresses me, it always makes a contribution to the harmonious and realistic painting that is full of spirit including distinct identity.

Characteristic of Art: Works of art from acrylic on a reused corrugated iron sheet which is bonded with 6 mm. of thick plywood. Before painting, the reused corrugated iron sheet will be coated with 3 layers of rust-proof for anti-corrosion and maintaining the nature of pattern of the reused corrugated iron sheet. Moreover, with the natural texture of galvanized sheet and its surface and color are uneven. The artist needs to elaborate advanced techniques in painting and naturally blending the acrylic together with the color of the rust on the reused corrugated iron plate.

Certificate of Authenticity: All art pieces are finely painted by the professional artist, Somsak Sumpochanont (Somsak Sangkasi), his signature will be shown on the front of the work piece along with a certificate of authenticity.

Trading Policy:
1.Terms of Payment: Buyers can pay through PayPal or by Credit Cards. Payments are to be comprised of
1.1 The price of painting
1.2 Freight and insurance
2. Delivery
2.1 The paintings will be packed with care into a box with cushioning materials.
2.2 The paintings will be shipped within 3 days after payment confirmed.
2.3 The paintings will be shipped by DHL Express and will arrive within 7-10 days, after delivery. Tracking Number will be notified by email.

Shipping cost: depending on distance. The delivery is originated in Bangkok, Thailand, buyers can check the shipping information from DHL or contact me directly.

Transportation Insurance: All paintings will be insured in full amount of painting price. (In case of damages due to shipping. Buyers need to inform me and send the photo of damaged painting as soon as possible.

Returns and Refunds: All paintings are sold to buyers are considered as the final procedure of selling. The paintings are not allowed to return and refund under any circumstances.

Taxes or other expenses incurred after delivery: taxes or other expenses incurred after delivery of paintings is the responsibility of the buyers.

To create a new painting by your own request: I am willing to work according to your need with my style and technique. For more details, please contact me at

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Sangkasi Art