Sandy Parsons - Available Artwork

Sandy Parsons - Available Artwork

When it comes to artists, I am the real thing, if the following characteristics are any indication of that: passionate, obsessive, spontaneous, courageous, empathic, fanatical, radical, quirky, jaded, tormented, unique, and so on…

I believe that peace is possible. I believe that Earth has a soul. I believe that we are all connected on some level. I believe that we are in a culture of walking zombies, ready to wake up (including me). I believe that art is an amazing power of communication that may assist in that awakening. I believe that art is my purpose. I believe that sustainable living is possible. I believe that humans will either choose or be forced to make radical changes in the way we live to achieve sustainability, or else face catastrophe. I believe in eating raw plant food. I believe in compassion for animals. I believe in love.

I am a trans man from Salt Lake City, Utah, always experimenting with new art forms. Right now I’m creating figurative mixed-media drawings and paintings with watercolor, ink, graphite, charcoal and pastel. Please visit my Wordpress web site for a full portfolio (coming soon) and blog here, and also like my Facebook page to see more posts about art in general.

I will probably want to call or email all buyers purchasing an original art piece before shipping it to make a connection before sending off a one of a kind. Please leave me the best phone number to contact you.

***Attention Local SLC Utah buyers*** This site automatically adds shipping cost onto the sale. If you are local to Salt Lake City and would like your purchase to be delivered to you instead of shipped, please email me at You could purchase the item directly from me to avoid the shipping cost, however you would have to pay 6.85% Utah sales tax. Either way is up to you.

Paintings and Mixed-Media