Sandra Stojack Fine Art

Sandra Stojack Fine Art

Sandra V. Stojack – Oil Painter

As a young child and student, I always felt sure of myself and blissful when drawing, painting and otherwise creating. It was no coincidence I felt comfortable when in Art Classes. As I practiced my arts, application and execution would come naturally. In my teens, I started to think about my future and this inner conversation always was drawn to art. Then, on one of my visits to the museum in Brasilia, I found myself eager to engage others about Art. Upon admitted in the University of Brasilia Dulcina de Moraes, I spent four years to pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts Education. Upon graduation, I worked as a teacher and thoroughly enjoyed spreading techniques and joy of art. It’s not so much that I remain involved in the world of art – art is my world.

I've experienced art and art history via continued studies and travel to many countries in Europe to enrich my knowledge two-dimensional and three dimensional art. 1996-7 – I was admitted to teach Art Education in Brazil's Public School, experience which led me to think even deeper about art, and the real message can be said through some brush strokes.
I am a dual citizen; USA and Brasil, Schooled in photography, bilingual, English & Portuguese. Passionate about music, amateur pianist, love sharing art and projects with my husband of 20 years from Chicago and our son Luke. Patrick is the youngest of a wonderful family of eight known as the Stojacks.
In 2010, My collection of oil painting were submitted to the Museum of Fort Lauderdale, where I was chosen to participate among the nationwide applicants to have my paintings at the Huizinga Plaza in Fort Lauderdale, in Florida.

oil on canvas,

Oil paintings, originals

F-15 artic camouflage,