Samuel Rios Cuevas

Samuel Rios Cuevas

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Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico in 1989. Studied in the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in painting and Visual Arts and a minor in Graphic Arts in 2012. For four years he lived in Japan and traveled to various places such as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Guam, Australia and others while serving in the US NAVY. He currently studies his master’s degree in the Universidad Metropolitana of Aguadilla in the School of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Strategic Leadership.
Samuel Ríos Cuevas artwork seems eternally tied to the graphic arts. As if was spellbound by the magic of the engraving, the young artist uses elements traditional of the woodcut and linocut such as repetition and variation of lines, textures, sizes and forms with a good use of tonal value to create his artwork. Where icons or perhaps distorted representations of the human beings reveal the dark and ambiguous reality of life, religion and culture.

2017 Printmaking

Taino Inspired

Cuento de los dioses Tainos

Un Puertorriqueño en el US NAVY

In Hominis Corde, Dentro del Corazón

Dos personas un solo sentimiento

“Detrás dela belleza, la pasión y la

“Ambigüedad en el carácter”

“Dama de dos rostros”


Entre Verdes Montes y Artefacto

Mix Drawings