Sam Guevara

Sam Guevara

I am a Utahn brought up on the west side of Salt Lake City. In 1976 my wife, Rebecca, and I launched Art House Graphic Studio. For over twenty-seven years my creative enthusiasm was met as a graphic artist. In 2003, Mayor Rocky Anderson appointed me Chief of Staff and later Deputy Mayor of Salt Lake City. I then joined Mayor Ralph Becker, and was appointed Human Resource Director and a year later, Capital Asset Management Director. 

My wife Rebecca and I recently relocated to San Tan Valley, Arizona and have returned to our life-long passions . . . Rebecca writes novels and I artistically create.

I am an digital artist with a passion for shapes and colors. My Arizona lifestyle allows me the time to value the present. With no need to strategize my future or systematize my past actions, my world has become day to day, moment to moment.  From this frame of mind complex becomes simple, depth becomes flat and monotonous becomes colorful. 

My artwork has followed my new contemporary way of viewing life and my surroundings.