Sally Lannier Artist

Sally Lannier Artist

Sally was born in Minnesota in 1967, in 1968 she and her mother, moved to Montana to be closer to her mother's grandparents and to get a new lead on life.

From a very early age, Sally starting drawing, on paper at first, then she went to card stock and eventually higher quality papers. At age 7, her grandmother started buying her the popular Paint By Number sets to get her to grow in her artistic development, it didn't take long before Sally would leave the pre-printed cardboard images and use the paints on items such as wood and glass to paint her own original pieces of Art.

Sally raised 3 children on her own, working 2 jobs at a time and still managing to draw and paint when time allowed, usually after the children were snuggled in their beds for the evening or on her day off when the children were at school.

Being a single mom isn't easy on anyone, but Sally made the best of it and made sure to provide for her children as well as carry on with her art.

To this day, Sally has art in Florida, Texas, New York and Montana.




Rodeo Bulls