Sabine NLD Bittle

Sabine NLD Bittle

Artist reawakened, writer, occasional filmmaker and published ghostwriter obsessed with the story of who we are … and who we could be.

When grief, PTSD, and bipolar raged in her body all at the same time, Sabine NLD Bittle turned to art to find healing. At first it was a way of finding light amongst the fractures and the broken spaces ... but then it became a way of life for her. Of coming back to herself. Again. And again. And again.

Her art is a way of unlocking herself and expressing new ways of being. She says it inspires her to walk with spirit first. To lead with her heart. To feel life completely. Unfettered. And in absolute fullness of the magic and unspoken potential within us all.

She hopes her art opens something in you too.

Her series ‘Soul Explosions’, an unusual fusion of expressionistic portraits and acrylic flow painting, came to her in a dream, and even though art always seems to have its own way of unfolding, she’s eternally tapping into the heart of the original vision to honour what she feels came to her as a beautiful gift in her sleep.

Sabine paints as she writes: instinctively. And she learns her art as she once learnt her writing: through the wild inspiration of generous others, short courses, online tutorials, and most profoundly, through a series of informal mentorships with the talented beings in her life, through fearlessness and playfulness and never-ending experimentation, through falling down and getting up and falling down again.

Soul Explosions


Storm Over Ocean