STOHandmade Jewelry and Art

STOHandmade Jewelry and Art

Since I was 8 years old, I have always had a thing for rocks and color. As a teenager, I started hanging out in jewelry stores and learning about gemstones. By the age of 19, I was reading books on gemology. While I attended college, I took a class in geology, and fell in love with Earth Science on a whole other level. Some years went by before I decided to pursue a career in Gemology. I completely my Graduate Degree in Gemology in 2014 in addition to get my Certification in Jewelry Design in 2016.

Though I obtained my certifications and degrees, I started making jewelry for friends and family in 2005. Then, I started showing my jewelry in fashion shows. I also sold a lot of my jewelry boutiques and art galleries.

I have competed in competitions in the United States and France. I won the Bronze Medal Division in Gemstone Competition in the 2011. Since that time, I have continued to design and handcrafted beautiful jewelry. I now sell wearable art in my store and abroad.

I started my own journey to sell my art jewelry and artwork out of the desire to share my wearable art jewelry and artwork with individuals, who has a unique sense of style and personality. I wanted to provide those individuals with a voice of their own in the world of jewelry accessories and artwork. I wanted to offer custom uniquely designed and handcrafted jewelry as well as beautiful that's beyond trendy and mainstays in art and fashion.

I am a mom of four one teens and three young adults. Two of my children have disabilities ( Autism and Asperger's). Also, I am a caregiver for my mom. Working a 9 to 5 is completely out of the question with this tremendous level of responsibility and care for my family. Now, my gifts and talent as a wearable art artisan allows me to properly care for my mom.

My shop STOHandmade Jewelry has beautiful one of kind and limited edition handcrafted jewelry that's shown on the site (clay jewelry, wire work jewelry, and bead work jewelry). Once the jewelry or accessory order is placed, the jewelry creation process begins. There are times when I will have the requested jewelry piece completed in advance at the time the item is ordered. In those cases, the item is shipped out immediately.

My goal with my shop is to have the world wearing my gorgeous custom handmade one of kind and limited edition wearable art jewelry one piece of jewelry at time or more. I want my jewelry and art clients to feel confident and bold with their purchases.

I am grateful to use my talent as a world renowned handcrafted jewelry design artist to created beautiful wearable art jewelry that everyone will love to wear.

I recently add my artwork in photography to my art journey. I started taking pictures approximately eight (8) years ago. It was my camera and I everywhere I went. I didn't want to miss any amazing moments outside. I absolutely love nature, flowers, and amazing scenery that captures my attention. The beauty of nature tells me unique visual stories that I get to experience at first glances. The colors at every moment of the day is breathtaking. Often times, there are any words for what I blessed to see with with my naked eyes. I am get truly lost in the beauty of nature. I capture those glorious moments in a picture to keep close to my heart to remember what I was feeling and thinking at that very moment in time. Now, I want to share those beautiful moments with you in the form of wall art.

Awards and Accomplishments:
- Budding Cherry Blossom Polymer Clay Tutorial published in Passion for Polymer 2020
- Creative Clays 2017, Finalist (Necklace Division)
- Metal Beads, Wirework 2015, and Chain Competition, Finalist (Necklace Division)
- Visionary Entrepreneurship Award 2013
- Jewelry Design Inspiration Competition 2012
- Swarovski Challenge 2011, Finalist (Necklace Division)
- Gemstone Competition 2011, Bronze Medal

STOHandmade Original Artwork