Peter Brouwer

Peter Brouwer, painter of straight colours, was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on August 1st, 1935. He lives and works still in this town. He was a student at the Evening Academy and of P. Brouwer, a professor at the “Rijksacademie” in Amsterdam. His frequent travels to Italy and Spain polished his skills. His paintings are much admired even abroad, his exhibitions in the U.S.A. (New York) and Germany welcomed many art lovers.

Let his paintings take you on a journey to Peter’s fantasy world, where Peter clearly doesn’t put his eyes in his pocket and gets inspired by his surroundings and the things there happening. It is not just the reflection of reality, but also his interpretation of colour and atmosphere.

The question remains whether this painter carried his skills in his genes or whether, given by circumstances, his goal in life was accidental. Peter has always shown passion and this we may admire in his works.

Peter died in September 2010