I loved drawing, creativity, design, writing, and composing from a young age.

I have devoted myself to composing wise sayings for many years, which has made me an innovator in the field.

I did not have the opportunity to interact with intellectuals or thinkers except through the books that I bought and read, so I was a student and a teacher for myself.

For many years I stayed inside a locked box, waiting for the long-term opportunity to get out, and finally discovered the virtual world that provides opportunities for creators like myself to enter the world of fame; I also discovered the existence of something called “printing on demand” that is the field that can combine my talents of drawing and design, Creativity, writing and authorship.

Not only did I open a store in one of those sites, but I went further, as I established my own company called "Sirlalf," which takes "Serving Man and Humanity" as its slogan, to achieve the dream that I have been working for day and night.

stop the wars

the world is beautiful

Seriousness or humor