S.Brice African Fine Art

S.Brice African Fine Art


I was born in Tanga, Tanzania and educated by Loreto nuns in Nairobi. On leaving school I joined the Kenya Art Society College. I was encouraged by Dora Betts, a wonderful artist and dedicated teacher. It was Dora who fired my interest in life drawing - setting models on the platform, draping them with cloth or stripping them and filling the room with warm lights. My favourite model, ‘Tickie’, I remember well.

I have been privileged to have lived in four African countries. From East Africa to Zimbabwe and on to South Africa. I am moved by the royal, feathered plumage of the Shangaan; the intricate beadwork of the Tonga bridal veil; the joyful dancing of the Gcaleka women – to name but a few.

My work upholds the old cultures and is a tribute to the many tribes of Africa.
What do I accomplish with my paintings?
I can stop the African clock before all is lost or forgotten. I can capture people in time…….

Here is time stood still for you.

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