Ruzek & Klein

Ruzek & Klein

Ruzek & Klein Creative Pursuits is a studio of freelancers and self-employed artists. Amelia Ruzek, creator of the collection below, is an artist from central Wisconsin specializing in sculpture.

The Paper Improvisations on Architecture Series, is made up of canvas mixed media sketches and over 300 physical sculptures that reflect abstract expressionist aesthetic representing the unseen world of dynamic sculpture around us within daily life. My work is influenced by deconstructivist architecture, suprematist art, and design—particularly that which resembles a science-fiction type structure. Notice the juxtaposition of a peaceful smooth form with the sharp conflicting planes and edges. Through the The Paper Improvisations on Architecture Series I hope to gain a better understanding of myself and my interests as well as develop quality artistic experiences that showcase my talent and potential. While viewing my work, I ask that you would contemplate the following questions:

What geometrical forms are found in everyday life and in nature?

What shapes can be seen in the negative space between the forms on the canvas and between the sculptures?

How much art and beauty is neglected by our busy lives?

When critiquing my work, you might be tempted to think, “Anyone can fold paper randomly. Anyone can draw a few pen lines.” This is true, but I am of the philosophy that anything is art if it's thought of as such. I didn't approach this project seeking to prove my paper folding skills. There are amazing origami artists, but I am simply folding to make the neglected known and to make the ordinary beautiful. My work is essentially a call to understand the physical world itself as art from the simplest shape to the most complex combination. Dimension is truly a wonder to contemplate. I'll hope you'll join me in its celebration!

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Paper Improvisations on Architecture