Art is my safe place. When I paint, I literally “disappear” into my work when I am in the “Zone”. It is a gift from God and I would be doing Him an injustice if I did not share my talent and it’s an honor to do so.
I’ve been an artist since my high school days. Back in 2001, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so my creativity took on a whole new meaning. I am so blessed to have this talent and since my diagnosis, I appreciate my abilities that much more.

I’m addition to my art, I am also a writer; especially of poetry. I love to swim and I am very active In my Community; specifically with our local Police Department and I am an avid and faithful supporter of Law Enforcement.

I am originally from Ohio but Texas is my home. My wish is for my artwork to continue to bless others long after I am gone.

Susan Russo