Cj Pichinevskiy Pk art

Cj Pichinevskiy Pk art


The masterpiece of my so called modern abstract art came alive in Dec of 2011 believe it or not but i started in the state of North Dakota.

My fist name is Sergey Pichinevskiy petrovich i was born in Estonia, Narva, My family immigrated to Seattle W.A. USA in 1997 when i was 6 years of age, growing up in a big city that had opened my mind for structural design. from age 18-20 i performed work with the architecture's and engineers working mostly on modern projects.
At the age of 20 i moved to Bismarck, North Dakota and started working for myself as a home designer, i moved into a house and started making the living looking modern. the only problem was that i couldn't find myself some abstract art to complete my design, i found one piece looked at it for about an hour and tried to connect the dots and i couldn't do so, that's when the idea "why do you do it yourself" flashed into my mind, i did research what i need to get and started my first painting on piece on a cardboard. posted it on my Facebook page, and people loved it!
i started panting on smaller canvases 16x22 just using 12 colors of acrylic paint, after every painting i got a very great feed back from professional artist, this kept me inspired and improving my art style. after about 15 paintings i took my Seattle to be displayed at the art gallery, i had no intentions on selling my art work, in 2014 i sold 4 piece's of my art work and got and amazing comments from the art gallery.

On all my art i sign as PK on the front as a artist signature, PK stands for two Last names my and a best friend i grew up with, witch in short means Pich/kor Pichinevskiy/Korchemni
on all the Back Of my art i sign my art work with my Man Cj pichinevskiy and a signature with a pen as original art work

What i think about art, the way i look at art is very different, its almost like connecting the dots and feeling the right mood to paint, my biggest motive is to keep it super simple and modern, i paint with pretty much any object that comes to mind, but recently i started using my credit card to paint. i well have an idea in my head or just i feel the energy to paint i'll do it, i like to get very creative with my abstract art by placing the right colors and keeping it modern, most of my style comes from a home designer view, i try to paint in the way where you can flip the painting any way and you'll see a unique form of design.

for more info about me fallow me and see my art work on instagram @Russkipk or on Facebook Cj Pichinevskiy