Mazacote Art

Mazacote Art is a concept to give accessibility to established and emerging artists from the Caribbean with a particular emphasis on art from Puerto Rico.

We will feature art from Puerto Rico masters as well as from an exciting group of new artists that are breaking ground in these exciting times for Puerto Rico art.

About R.A. Diaz: My name is Rafael Angel Diaz and I am from Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. I am a painter among many other things including pharmacist, musician, teacher, art historian, collector, traveler. I just moved to Tucson Arizona from Denver, Colorado and I am always traveling to my picturesque barrio in Aguas Buenas to get a dose of my culture in my veins. I grew up in a small town in the mountains of La Cordillera Central where I came in contact with a way of life that involves direct contact with community and nature. We didn't have too much but we had each other and we had the beauty of our spirits and the soul of Puerto Rico. I don't have a formal art degree. I have self-studied art and art history all my life. I paint from my soul, what I feel, what I see. My only goal is to attempt to make the world better by putting my created images in front of people.

R.A. Diaz

E.C. Bell