Rosie Ochtman Art

Rosie Ochtman Art

Hey all, I'm Rosemary, or Rosie as I usually prefer. Painting has been a hobby of mine for the last 4 years - since I was 16, and it is an ever growing passion. My art is inspired by the beauty and pure happiness I see in nature, and I use my art to express its emotive qualities.
Having grown up 20km out of a small country town, I spent a lot of my childhood playing in our paddocks, or in the rainforest environment of our creek, which to me always felt a little magical. With the Border Ranges National Park only a short drive away I also spent a lot of time there which gave me a real love for the small, intricate workings of nature; which is one of the things I love to encorporate into my paintings.

Dancing is also a theme which often pops up in my work. I have danced for most of my life, which has influenced me greatly, forming a large part of who I am today. Which is why I love to portray the fluidity, and beauty of dancing in my art.

Because of frequently dancing on stage I have a passion for on stage performance, which has lead me to study a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance at The University of New England. All of this influences the art I create, and how I create it. For me, each brush stroke has some different kind of meaning, as it is a kind of catharsis of my own emotions as I experience them.

Any feedback, or questions about my work (or anything else), are completely welcome.