Dusette Creative

Dusette Creative


I am a web designer/web developer and photographer from California. I enjoy alternative arts and sports (skateboarding, spoken word, hip hop, racing, etc.), but really, anything that tickles my fancy.

I currently freelance in development, design, and photography... I love it. The best choice I have ever made was to be a creative-for-hire, instead of career-engineer-for-hire. Not fun. :)

You can get more info regarding my services, art, and tutorials via my site and blog.

-Main Site/Portfolio of Services:


-Tutorials, FOSS Stock Photographs, Articles:


Feel free to follow me on Twitter, as well. That is where most of my updates will be posted:


I hope that you enjoy my photographs and art, and that it will grace your house, office, or entryway for years to come.

Black & White - Vol. 1