Patron pictures

Patron pictures

Self taught artist. Not sure what that means ! I call it a gift and I have always had it. I have been to countless art classes and even art college for a short time.

I always enjoyed these sessions but soon realised that they teaching me things that I already knew. Perspective, paint mixing, composition etc, these were things I had learned for myself over the years and I always felt that I was wasting their time as well as my own. My art is as good as I can make it. Sometimes I'm please with it and sometimes I am not.

Anyway, that was over 40 years ago and I am still learning in my own way.
I believe that all artists do the best they can when creating an image.
We all have our own unique style and so I just do it and enjoy it.

Making money from art has never been a priority with me. Of course I have sold many paintings in my time, but not selling has never deterred me from creating images that I that I see in my mind. Its like an addiction, but an harmless addiction and it gives me a high, especially when I feel that I have got it right.

Best Ron Redshaw.