Ron Harris Art

Ron Harris Art

I am fascinated by the real to the abstract. I pull sensual imagery out of flowers in a basket and create oil paintings on canvas and panel, which emulate a vibrant landscape, with a brush or knife

I’ve always felt the need to explain the sense that there is a larger force at work in the universe. Painting didn’t come to me as a desire to create at first, but as an exploration of color as a tool in theatrical presentation. My first efforts were less than representational and more expressionistic color patterns. The evolution to more realistic imagery always limited the standard contexts of subject, foreground, background, etc – to direct identification of the specific item: river, tree, or flower.
We had a prolific rose garden in the summer of 2014. Almost daily my wife would cut off the spent roses and place them in a basket, awaiting disposal in the trash can. The process is called dead-heading. Many times I would see the remnants and wish how much I could preserve the final bouquet, which was so valiant in this simple, concentrated context. Out of these moments began the inspiration for the Deadhead series. Not a great name, but a true recognition of the continuing isolation of colors and patterns from realistic elements. I hope to carry forward this choice to utilize strong images, refined to their essence, bringing forth an art which is sublime and accessible.

Original Oil on Panel Paintings

Original Oil on Canvas Paintings

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