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i have been painting for 51 years, 49 years in the 15th century style,like michelangelo and carrivagio and raphael.most of my works are large and lifelike.i gave many away.millions of dollars worth,i kept 6 out of 194 large works like you see takes me 7 weeks to complete one like this one above.i have even traded one painting for another work that i had painted. i paint from my heart and spirit and that is where i place the value of my work.only i know what the symbolical meaning is,i pay no attention to art critics,the do not know what i am saying to people.i painted 14 peices in 1 year to attend an exibition.i am also an evangelist,God helped me paint these works. i have 5 painting sitting on mantles on the wall that i kept for myself,but i am selling this one, if you saw this painting you would know that it is worth much more than i am asking for it. thanks for viewing it bob kelly
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bob kelly


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I am the door

I am the door