Roberta Hamlin Hyman

Roberta Hamlin Hyman

I began painting at the age of three. My first painting was on the wall of my parents home. Needless to say they were not too happy about that. I attended North Hollywood High School and UCLA where I won many awards for my art. I later attended Chouinard Art Institute and Otis Art Institute and also won more awards for my work. I have sold my paintings to collectors around the world and I am proud to say I have a wonderful clientele. I found this site during the Corona-19 crisis and thought I would put some of my artistic expressions out there for you to see. I live in Los Angeles, California and much of our life is filled with sunshine which is reflected in my work. I believe in strength through colors and hope.

I work in acrylics and water colors on the finest canvas and acid-free paper.

Be well and brave; we will get through together!

Unconditional Love


Sheltering in Place