Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Being a Georgian native, i began drawing at the age of 7, remembering how i learned alot from 1 of my uncle paintings then later on as i drew better & sketching i eventually sold most of my pencil illustrations on paper. I also won a few drawing contests in school as well, gaining more confidence in my creative drawing ability that progressed in high school with support from my art teachers too. But i wasn't always just art minded, still art was always in my heart. A few of my drawings in contests & one in particular showing the Atlanta's skyline. With my family & friends & art teachers along the way being supportive of me being a self taught artist they knew someday i needed to go on to art school. After graduating from high school i continued to sell my art illustrations, & paintings, had only 2 commissions. And one particular illustration of mine was featured in the newspapers of the Atlanta Journal & Constitution as well. Primarily i paint in acrylic colors & sometimes watercolors. But acrylics have been my specialty. Painting & drawing anywhere from celebrity portraits, animal drawings & illustrations, colorful landscapes and lastly abstracts too. As i progressed as a self taught artist i later enrolled in Art Instruction Schools art course, which is located in Minnesota & completed the art course by correspondence as well, & to note this was the actual art school Charles Schultz the original creator of Charlie Brown was an art instructor for the school. I'm glad that i took my art journey & have met so many interesting talented people & artists along the way that have been very inspiring to me by continuing my art skills I'm glad that i finally found a place such as to display my art work for all to see.

Winter Snow Birds

The Cross

Collage Art

Happy Holidays

Flowers & Plants


African art

Words Of Christ

Animals Art

Mother's Day Appreciation

The United States Coast Guard

American Models

NBA Basketball

Nautical & Seascapes

Nativity Of Christ The King

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas


College Football


Celebrity Faces

Angelic Skies



Abstract Art


Autumn's Evening

The Last Supper

Golden Fields of Summer

Places In Georgia

Mountain Beauty

The Christmas House