Portrait Masterpieces


Robb White (1945- )
Studied art from age 11 at East Central Junior College, learning to paint in the style(s) of masters.
Spent Summers in New Orleans as a teenager painting portraits on the Street - Pirates Alley.
University at Oxford, MS Fine Art, Art History, Oils 63/67
Founder of the Robb Report Magazine 1964
Retired Hilton Head, SC 1985
Oil on Canvas and Board
Portraits, Old Masters,
Wildlife, Modern

Paints under the names Robb White, rbianco and unsigned or reverse signed
Special Order Oils quotes based on size
Contact robertwhite@hargray.com
Artists' works also available through the School of Robb White (ask via email)

Example of Children's Portraits

Examples of "Older Kids"

Wild Things

Land and Sea

Imagined Art

Warm Climates