Rob Lopez Photography

Rob Lopez Photography

I have been taking pictures for over 40 years, and I have gone through $1000's of dollars in development fees, only to throw the majority of them away for one reason or another. Then a DSLR came into my life!

About 8 years ago, I was at a local Grocery Store and in the parking lot was an art show. This one booth had incredible photos from the cliffs of Italy. The colors of those homes really jumped off the print.

I asked the artist how did he get the color in the photos to jump off the page? He said...I Photoshopped them! I said...Isn't that cheating? Then he said something I will never forget! He said..."No one Buys NORMAL COLOR, off of NORMAL Photos"!

So for several years, I research away on how to make my photos better without photoshop. That's when I discovered...Stacking!

I take 5 different exposures by using my Canon Rebel xTi built-in meter. To use that feature, one has to have the main thumbwheel setting at A-DEF. This will allow you to change the meter setting for different exposure.

Then I stack them one on top of each other. This gives me 5 times the color and 5 times the shadows.

Arizona Sunsets (Portrait)

Arizona Sunsets (Landscape)

Random Portrait

Random Landscapes