Rick Salazar Art

Rick Salazar Art


Rick practices traditional blacksmithing methods combined with oxy/acetylene torch cutting and welding as well as MIG welding in his metal sculpture work. He also does relief printing of greeting cards using vintage copper plates, film process plus digital photography and woodworking in the town of Marysville of Union County, Ohio. He also sings and plays guitar with his band Rick Salazar and The Twisters. Rick has been creating functional art since 1976 when he hand built exotic electric guitars for clients like Kiss, The Eagles, Lou Reed, Stanley Clarke and more while working for Spector Guitars in Brooklyn, NY. Rick fabricated all of the wood and metal components for these instruments from scratch and by hand. He continued hand fabrication and design with metal, stone and wood through residential, commercial and, most notably, church restoration and renovation. While working for Renovata Studios in Port Chester, NY, some of these types of projects included items specifically designed for the Pope during a visit to Manhattan. Rick puts his hands, imagination and talents to good use in his metal sculpture work by transforming thoughts and visions he has into relatable translations in metal, stone and wood. Rick tries to utilize re-purposed materials whenever possible in an effort to be “green” while doing these works as well.
Originally from New York, Rick’s studio is now located in beautiful Uptown Marysville Ohio. He now puts his spin on his love for industrial design, automobiles and motorcycles in a lot of his work but he also offers functional art such as tables, cork screws, bud vases, steel memo boards, picture frames and one off pieces of jewelry. In addition, Rick does still life, abstract and street photography.
Rick has exhibited and sold his work at The Mac Worthington Gallery in Columbus Ohio, The Button Up Gallery in Delaware Ohio, and the Lighthouse Christian Bookstore in Marysville Ohio and a number of other venues throughout Central Ohio and New York.
In an interview on WQTT recently Rick was heard to say “The biggest thrill and compliment I get is from standing by and watching people’s faces when they look at my work and smile. It’s as if they thought about it, paused a moment, got it (the proverbial light bulb went on over their head) and reacted with a broad smile. That to me is gratification!”
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