Against the grain art

This artist is originally from Europe but was raised in the south eastern United States. He has freely travelled around the world. His name is Ryan Greene. He was born with a type of colorblindness but was interested in art at an early age. He served 6 honorable years in the Marine Corps before getting out in 2000. Doctors promoted him to continue with his art to help relieve his anxiety and P.T.S.D. he kinda does his own thing but he has a good heart and shows a lot of honesty. That's very rare today. Ryan works with many different mediums like charcoal. Pen and ink. Oil and acrylic paints. Wood burning. Wood carving. Craft making. As well as furniture building. We hope you enjoy his work. Thank you all feel free to email if there are any questions.
From Ryan.
Thank you for looking at my work. I'm working on weak points now. I'm a humble person by the way I was raised. I'm trying to build a collection to sell. I have tried to make things affordable. I know how the world is. It's tough now. I would like to say I hope everyone is safe and happy. Feel free to contact this email. Address. It may take a day or two to get back to you. My seller handles everything. PTSD prevents me from dealing with high stress. As well as keeping up with things. That's a flaw within myself. Anyone suffering from PTSD. It's not your fault. Try really hard to focus on loving people and treating people the way you would like to be treated. I do not know anyone here. And you will be talking 3rd person to me but I promise to reply. I think honesty is important today. Idk what happened since the mid 90s . It's quite sad contact email is