Amanda Frazier Rhode

Amanda Frazier Rhode

Amanda Frazier Rhode


About the artist:

 Amanda is mainly self-taught and started to draw, etc. from a very early age. Her main influence was from her parents who were both artists as a hobby who never gave themselves credit. Although she drew and/or sketched for years various pieces of  artwork which were very popular with family, friends, neighbors, and others, she did not start to really dive into paintings until later in life after the loss of several people very dear to her.  She is now fulfilling a promise made to them to paint.

Artistic philosophy:

Do what you love to do

Artistic techniques or insights: 

Amanda usually falls somewhere between realism and impressionism.  She doesn't really follow too many rules--- She just paints because she loves to paint.

What she would like to accomplish with her art:

Bring the art to life and maybe brighten someone's day in the process

It's a great feeling to know that someone enjoys my work. I hope you do too. Thank you for looking and I'm hoping you like the art enough that you will buy it--- With every purchase you are helping me continue to do something I truly love to do. Greatly appreciated!