Thank you for looking at my work. Like most artist I have been creating art my whole life. I started painting while attending The University of Washington. After graduation in 1999 I kept painting. I love the permanence of a painting. I love looking at how my work has changed in the last 20 years. The shapes, the positive negative relationships, the layouts, and the techniques.

The most important aspect of my art is that it can be rotated in any direction. My early work this might not be true, but each painting made has become more multi-directional. I even tried to key two separate paintings together with Symbiotic.

I started using a pour and marble technique in small amounts. The look of marbled paint houses some of the coolest images in a painting. To fill large format canvases I almost exclusively pour and marble. The only part my painting that is planned out now, is the layout. A good layout allows for viewing from every side.

After a layout is chosen I mix my paint for the area I will work on next. When I get to paint, the entire planned area must be completed. I then wait until the area is dry, hang the painting and think of the next area.

The pour and marble technique allows for a more creative approach to each painting. Although I may have a dedicated shape to fill, what shape or imagery that comes out is never planned. The end result can look a little unpolished, but I feel the originality of the work makes up for lack of polish.

Sinister is a 100% marbled painting. No line work, no touch up, completely done while allowing creativity to happen. The various area's all have a similar paint technique, a large concentration on imagery in each shape.

Please enjoy something I have created. Email me at if you have a gallery and want to discuss my gallery quality work.

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