Started painting in 1997 while attending the University of Washington. I found that painting is my strength as an artist and have been refining it ever since. I have over 30 quality paintings that I would love to display, but never have. ArtPal is the first time I've publically displayed my work. I hope to add print quality pictures of my larger canvas work soon. Thank you for viewing my work.

My goal in each of my paintings is to allow each person to view it as something different. My early work can only be hung in one direction, but everything I paint now is made to viewed from every side.

Concentrating on line work for the first 15 years of painting. I started incorporating more marbling into each painting for friction or movement. I really enjoy using marbling and line work together. I now start with a layout and color scheme. Painting is a journey for me. Some paintings have taken over a year to complete. I dream that someday my hobby maybe a full time career.

I set tile for a living. I have never sold because I think the demand for art is extremely low, and the prices reflect that. Spending time painting is something that has always been for me, but I would love to display without selling. Contact me if I can fill your Gallery.