Rebel At Heart Art

Rebel At Heart Art

Welcome to Rebel At Heart Art! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Laura, and I am SO excited to be here with you all!

I am a part time novice artist, main art mediums are Jewelry with Copper or Silver plated wire and natural semi-precious stones, Acrylic Pour and Realism Paintings, and Resin Art. All items in my shop are handmade by US Veteran and uniquely created infused with intentions of LOVE and JOY!

A little background on me, I have always been creative in nature, and found at a very early age singing and art to be one of my favorite my pastimes. In my youth I excelled in Art and music classes in school, however, life took me on a different direction where I lost sight of expressing my creative abilities, and pursued more of a "realistic" career path.

During this unusual time we are living through, I have sought refuge in developing art and jewelry, to help alleviate the overwhelming depression I have experienced.

It is through my art practice I have found much happiness and joy with creating new works, and from my creations I have experienced a shift to positive energy which is my hope to share with you beautiful souls! I am deeply excited to share my creations, in hopes of bringing you as much happiness and joy as I have found in making it!

Other fun facts about me! I am first women in my family to have proudly served in the USAF, as 3rd generation Veteran. Thank you to all who are currently serving or who have served to defend our country, and protect the men, women, and children of this country!

I have a passion for all things in nature, love animals, singing, Latin dance, and anything that allows for an expression of our souls!

Please note, I am still in the process of ramping up, as I work a full time job during the day, and in my time off am working to create more hand made products and provide quality images of my products for you all. I do take custom order requests on jewelry, and commissions on canvas paintings, please feel free to message me with your requests anytime!