Raziel Gates

Raziel Gates


My name is Raziel Gates first generation American. Born and raised in Miami Florida. Lived in Las Vegas Nevada for 10 years. I recently found out I was Jewish I'm very proud of this and it reflects in my artwork. I am what they call a Baal teshuva. I’m of an Italian and Spaniard descent wich makes me Sephardic. I like to create characters in my artwork I like to tell stories and I like to put hidden messages inside of my artwork and hidden stories. Some of my artwork the message and story is very clear. My overall goal is to influence society in a positive way. I look forward to growing as an artist and expanding my craft. My end goal is to be in a position to help for other artist grow and learn and be open with the information that I learn. I will also look into growing my artwork into visual and performance art also possibly growing in the home Decore department creating furniture. The way I dream of presenting my artwork is to create an experience with my art. A destination to go and "experience" my art. This is what I’m trying to create. Creating my art is a challenge with a carpel tunnel in both my hands but with G-d we always find our way. I use paint, spray paint, wood, cardboard, glass, PVC, digital, and photography.I have an Instagram account it is at @GatesRaziel G-D Bless

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