Radu Stefan Poleac -visual artist

Radu Stefan Poleac -visual artist


In the same time sculptor, painter, photographer, Radu Stefan Poleac is spreading his creation wings in varied expression on his artistic journey.

He is an artist a little mysterious… Inventive and surprising, dreamy and idealistic.
He begins his artistic journey in 2004 with drawings of objects and furniture design. He continues with a photography course and completes a good part of the cycle studies of painting under the direction of the professor Korneel Deville, at Belldenstorm, in Brussels – Belgium.

The 3D structures, the light boxes, the installations, the videos and the theater sets have an important place in his visual art productions.

In a constant process of inquiry and introspection, Radu Stefan approaches several creative techniques from acrylic to video, finding a balance between the artistic concept, estheticism and his own feelings.

In his paintings he presents all kinds of celestial, oneiric or atmospheric compositions. The subjects gravitate between heaven and earth, among them being also found rounded shapes, sometimes similar to maritime landscapes. Along with them, the surrealism elements and the symbolic motifs evoke to the spectator the story of an inspired world from the future and invites him to reverie.

His research recurrently concentrates on man, on man among his fellow men, and at a holistic level, on man in universe. Sometimes, in his works he uses even recycled materials where the transformation and the changing of the medium expression give rise to projects as “Life, one more” (with books) or as “The spirit of the mummies” (with old-fashioned electronic devices).

He is engaged in different projects, becoming permanently an activ artist; he participates to numerous exhibitions, collaborates with different cultural actors from art galleries, banks and theatres. Another important collaboration in his formation was the one with the architects from CREARTE, which helped him to refine and outline his works.

In 2008 he is already present at “Biennale d’art du C.U. Francité à Uccle” in Brussels; in 2010 his project “Life, one more” is retained and exhibited in a large contemporary art event in Brussels: “Nuit Blanche”.

In 2012, Radu Stefan takes part to an exhibition at MAMAC (“Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain”), in Liege. In 2008 and 2012, his works are selected for Summer of Photography, at BOZAR (“le Palais des Beaux Arts”), Brussels. One of his works is selected for the second stage of a prestigious art competition realized by the Belgian television Canvas Collection- RTBF.

Moreover, his photo report ''Symfony of lights'' leads to an individual exhibition in collaboration with the Brussels Archives and the Toy Museum of Belgium, exhibition that will have important echoes in press.

The appearance of some artists as Radu Stefan makes us think of their role and contribution to the enrichment of the contemporary art scene.

His sensibility, his open creativity to all the kinds of poetic effects and spiritual fervor, take birth in the childhood garden… where it is reigning!

Through "the blue night soul” of his approach, it can be seen almost always a glimer of light detaching... the inward stars.
It can be said that his work reflects a form of autobiography.
He works primarily in the artist's studio in Brussels, Belgium- Europe where he organized exhibitions and invites customers.
Till the end of 2015 his works have been presented in more than fifty exhibitions and they can be found in private collections in Switzerland, Italy, France, Romania, Belgium.

More info about his art work- www.radustefanpoleac.com, e-mail - prs76@hotmail.com or youtube channel - Radu Stefan Poleac

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