Rachel Kamali


Rachel Kamali is a painter and sculptor who currently lives, works, and studies in New York.

Rachel grew up harboring an inherent fascination with art. She has always connected to the process of art making and has embraced every step of her artistic training from coloring in elementary school to studying the conceptual aspects of art in college.

After spending a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, Rachel was particularly influenced toward figurative painting; she expanded her knowledge in the essence of color relationships through observing the unique beauty of Florence, a historical art center of Europe.

Her approach today is predominantly modern abstract. She focuses most on the process of the works, using layers and other gel bead acrylic mediums to obtain a rough, textured, thick surface. While painting and sculpting, she relies on instinct more than anything, allowing her works to evolve organically into a unique final product.

Rachel enjoys pushing the boundaries with color and constantly explores new mediums. She works with neons, glitters, mica flakes, clear gel bead mediums, interference, and metallic paints.

The artist whom Rachel is most inspired by is Joseph Albers; he is known for creating works based on the simplicity of the square shape, but further pushes and grows the idea, twisting hard edges with bright hues and using thicker-than-usual mediums to play up texture.

Her artwork that glows in the dark is based on the idea that images, nature have a different nature at night, than in the day, and therefore why shouldn’t paintings take on new meaning.