R. Tony Bremner Photography

R. Tony Bremner Photography


R. Tony Bremner - Artist, Halifax, NS

Being the son of an artist, I was encouraged to appreciate the beauty that is all around us.

An early walk along a rugged coastline at sunrise, the sound of wailing gulls overhead, and the soothing roar of waves are heard as they heave against the smaller rounded rocks along the beach.
Making your way around the next bend, your eye catches the elegant sight of a Blue Heron quickly springing from it's perch. You watch intently as it's silhouette slowly crosses the sun, and disappears into the morning mist. (I am not a poet) :)

Photography has been a hobby of mine since receiving my first Camera at age Eight. It was a little Kodak 110 pocket Camera. A gift from my Dad.

My home Province of Nova Scotia has been an inspirational playground for me ever since.

I enjoy discovering the beauty you can find on those roads less traveled.

Happy to share what I see along the way.

R.Tony Bremner

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