Ron Kammer comes from a large family of art enthusiasts. Growing up he spent hours in art museums with his brothers and sisters, watching his father examining each and every painting in excruciating detail. He caught the "art bug" early.

While studying and receiving degrees in Sociology and Nursing, Kammer pursued classes in drawing, painting, sculpture and music. After graduating, he worked for 40 years as a registered nurse and maintained a keen interest in art.

In 2000 Kammer began experimenting in earnest with acrylic painting. After retiring in 2015, he was drawn to his lifelong hobbies of art, travel, and political activism. Inspired by a love of historical biographies about artists and politicians, he focused his energy on painting portraits.

Kammer's first art show, "A Colorful Look at the Presidents and Other Notable Characters", took place in winter 2019 at Telander Gallery. That summer another exhibit of Kammer's art, "Portraits of Artists, Politicians, Heroes, and Scoundrels", was shown at the Colville Street Patisserie. His art is in private collections in Walla Walla (WA), Seattle (WA), Washington D.C., New York City (NY), New Orleans (LA) and Texas.

U S Presidents

Supreme Court Portraits

Entertainers and Artists



Just for Fun Abstract Portriats