Ron Kammer

Ron Kammer

My paintings are known for the abstracted renderings of people and animals utilizing strategies of exaggeration, caricature, and pop-style colors. In my portraits I try to breathe life into the subjects not only through their facial expressions but also through layers of texture and my dynamic use of line. Whether depicting iconic historical and pop art figures or farmyard animals I openly acknowledge the tensions inherent in creating.

My paintings are deliberately awkward, with splashes of humor that animate the subject. An important aspect of my style is the inclusion of color with intentional clumsiness. I enjoy experimenting and often create through trial and error. I start by finding a combination of colors that work well together and even though I succeed as often as I fail, I still enjoy the process. Sometimes when I feel I am not getting anywhere; I like to take a break and step away from the painting. Later, I may pick it up again and decide to either give it another go or surrender it to the dumpster.

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