My name is Ryan McDougall. I am a devoted Christian. My goal in life is to grow and serve Christ to the best of my abilities. I am a husband to a beautiful woman named Stephanie. I am a father to 4 amazing kids. Josiah, Colvin, Ethan & Eliana. I am an undeserving sinful man, that just hopes to glorify The King in all my life decisions.

I am a self taught artist located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Tacoma Washington. I am a fan of exaggerated art. Urban art, and Biblical art. I also specialize in portraits, and my own unique style of art that I have dubbed "Inkblot" art.

My goal with art, is to bring a joy to somebody's heart. Each one of my pieces usually have a deep meaning to them, and usually take a paragraph to sum up the significance. All paintings sold, will be the original paintings. You will hopefully be the proud owner of a 1 of 1 piece. Drawings will be copies, unless specified otherwise.

I also plan on making donations from my sales to mental illness organizations that specialize in the study of depression, bi polar, and other brain related illnesses.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day, to read this, and browse my artwork. I hope that my creations on paper or canvas will inspire you to recognize just how important you are to the world, and to the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope my art can put a smile on your face, and inspire you in many ways. God bless.
-John 8:12
Ryan Andrew McDougall

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