Amanda Hieatzman

Amanda Hieatzman

Hello Art Lovers!

I'm just an old fashioned country girl that just loves the beauty in this world. I see so much of it almost anywhere I go! Hello all! My name is Amanda. I'm almost 24 years old and I have a chemistry degree. I live out in the country near my friends and family and there has been nothing but endless inspiration here. I have some pretty wild pets! The emu in the picture is Bill. I raised him from the time he was just a fertile egg I bought off of ebay!

This is my first official art gallery. I started off just randomly painting the most random designs and things that came to mind. Now I'm trying to teach myself all about the art world. I hope to one day have a career in the art industry. As of now, I've had one official art class under my belt. I took Art Through The Ages my freshman year of high school. That is it. Everything else I have learned has come from trial and error. I feel as though I have progressed fairly well over the past year. But this hobby is very expensive and in order to improve I will need more supplies.

I am hoping to sell just a couple of pieces on this gallery in order to be able to practice more. Please help my life goal become a reality. I'm not looking to get rich. I paint because I love it, it relaxes me, and I see joy and beauty is all of God's creations. I just want to be able to do this more often. It feels so good for the soul! Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little!