Welcome to my art gallery.

My name is Mystic Omorose.

I create heartfelt art focused on spirituality, angels and the divine using acrylic on canvas, beads, flowers, and sacred intention. I love to create in sacred space, allowing spirit to move through me. To bring forth unique expressions that activate, inspire, uplift and nourish the soul. As well, all of my paintings are created using acrylic infused with sacred monatomic andara etherium powder, and loving intention. To increase their vibrational potency. Andara etherium is an alchemical substance found in the Mount Shasta complex region, and has been scientifically tested for it's amazing and magical properties. Including superconductive to zero point energies, vibration to very high frequencies, as well as the ability to alter physical shape into other dimensions. This creates the space for the unique artwork offered here, to more easily open portals and doorways to higher dimensions of the divine. As well as to activate the viewer to receive potent energy upgrades and sacred transmissions channeled directly through the heart of the artist onto the canvas for one's personal empowerment.

I invite you to browse my gallery with an open heart, and become activated just viewing the gallery. To discover what is waiting for you!

Please check back regularly. As I will be adding new art to the store every week.