Pretty Nice Art

Pretty Nice Art

Sculpting in stone made me (Remco Kingmans, The Netherlands, 1984) explore my creative side, leading to professional study at an Art Academy in The Netherlands. Halfway through my studies I moved to England and continued my studies at the Art Academy of the University of the West of England in Bristol. I still live in this inspiring town after my graduation. 

Having gained experience with 3D software and 3D printing I got enthusiastic about the possibility to create art in a traditional way while manufacturing it through this new technique. The attractiveness for me is that 3D printed art can be sold for an affordable price while the designs can be more complex, resulting in unique, affordable sculptures.

I prefer to create art for any budget and 3-D techniques allow me to do so. In my opinion art should not be measured by price. I make shapes I love, if you like them too I do not want the asking price blocking you from buying...

So please contact me for orders or any comment you may have...